Why Parents should prefer Boarding Schools for their Children?

IMG_7001Tula’s International will change your thinking for Boarding School. Till not so many years back boarding schools were mainly options for parents with transferable jobs or business class families. But now things are changing and families are sending their children to boarding school even though there are a plethora of good schools around them.



1.Passionate Teachers Who Loves Teaching:

Boarding faculties well qualified academics specialist teachers in their chosen subject. you’ll notice they’re captivated with educating teenagers and that they like to teach.

2.Sports Facilities :

Good Sports facilities with different types of sports game can be mind-boggling. All types indore and outdoor games specially swimming pool, fitness room and playing fields where students will be able to enjoy everything including hockey, cricket and football/soccer to basketball.

3. Arts Facilities:

Student can relish that Theater, drama, dance, music Art Facilities in boarding school with special environment where talent will be nurtured and developed.Choirs are common, orchestras abound and you will be encouraged to make your style of music.

4. Get to live away from home:

Leaving home is never easy, but living at boarding school is an opportunity not to be missed. You will grow-up faster and learn to better cope in a community where your peers are going though the same experiences.

5.Stretched Academically:

You will be attending a boarding school where academic standards and student performance will be of the highest standard. So you will be expected to work a lot harder than you would in a state school. You can also expect a lot more homework but you will soon appreciate that learning can be fun.

6. Libraries & Media Centers :

In Boarding school modern libraries and media center addition to a vast array of books and print material.

7. Learn to Be Self Responsible:

In Boarding school students a lots of lasting friendship to mature quickly and rubbing along with other students. Students will pick up many social skills to stead for the rest of whole life.

8. Small Classes:

In Boarding School Small classes will more personal attention to students from their teachers that could be encouraged to participate.

9. Right’s to be Smart:

At boarding school it’s cool to be smart. Everyone is there because they want to learn so it’s alright to be top of the class.