What’s So Trendy About Tulas International School That students go Crazy Over It?

Education is the part of life in which most of the years of the humans life is spent with the people never known before but who make a crucial companions of their routines. They are the colleagues with whom they share views and ideas, with whom they enjoy good times, the ones with whom they share sorrows, in short the ones with whom they share their lives. The institution where such companions are found is like a small society that is build up by the students and lived in for several years and gain some contacts that last with for whole life. Apart from degrees, these are the relations they gain from an institution.

The relations are build up in an environment that is comfortable enough to let students interact, enjoy and learn together. Tula’s is one such place that offers a highly friendly and cool environment which lets build up strong relations by sharing the ups and downs and supporting each other. The surround provided in Tula’s is one of the trending features that attracts students from nation wide.

Apart from a serene and calm surround, a lot of activities taking place in this Top Boarding School in India on regular basis have been trending in the society. Such activities are organized by the officials of the institution. Joyful activities like Annual Sports Day, Industrial Trips, Scout and Guide Camp, Dehradun International Film Festival, Spic Macay and many others have made a series of unforgettable memories in the hearts of students that have brought them together as close friends and companions.

Periodic outings in trips and excursions involving mountaineering, white-water rafting, para-sailing, trekking, kayaking and camping adds-on the flavours of joy and learning to the learning processes of Tula’s.

tula's InternationalThe outstanding facilities including proposed large swimming pool, football grounds, billiards corner, Horse Riding, Taekwondo and several others creates a feeling of amusement among the hearts of children. Provision of well furnished laboratories and digital workstations, highly qualified faculty, application of IT devices, and additional activities like Music, Dance, Foreign Languages etc imparts a feeling of satisfaction in the minds of their parents about the level of grooming provided in Tula’s – the Best in Top CBSE Boarding Schools in Dehradun.

Boarding unit equipped with modern lifestyle and hygienic dining halls prove to be a nutritious place for the students residing here. They enjoy every moment of their stay in the hostels with their friends and appreciate the extra time they are getting for collaborative learning that results in a positive and healthy living ambience.

Outstanding results and a large number of well settled alumni are a token of proud for the institution which is highly appreciated by the society nationwide. This is also one of the key features which keeps Tula’s the most trending school among students and parents.

Thus, staying on the top of the list of Boarding Schools in Dehradun, Tula’s proves to be the no. 1 choice of parents and enjoys the status of being the most trending name among them.



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