We Prepare Our Students To Achieve High In Life

Top Boarding SchoolAt Tula’s International School, we take you a step higher in the success ladder. Education in the school crosses the boundary of classroom. We offer an environment to the students where their raw thinking is not only appreciated but is groomed in a manner that it gets transformed to achieve the biggest success in life. Teachers of Tula’s International School apart from teaching, also guides the students and lead them towards the way where the student can achieve their highest potential.

Gone are the days when the study was limited within the four walls of the classrooms and knowledge was only limited to textbooks. In the modern age, learning takes place everywhere. We understand this and therefore, the classroom never acts as a boundary for teaching our students. Our school is all about helping our students to achieve whatever they have dreamt of. We motivate inspire and lead our students towards their dream.

Best Boarding Facilities We believe in the fact that. “All work and no play make Jack a dull boy”. Therefore, apart from academic studies, we also try to involve our students in sports. Many extra-curricular activities are planned throughout the year to make sure that our students have ample number of opportunities to prove themselves. After all, we are not looking for a linear development for our students but for overall development of our student’s personality.

Each and every child is unique in their own way and their understanding and grasping power is different. One approach can’t work for all. The teachers make sure that they pay attention to the individual students for growing everyone at different pace but to the same destination of success. We keep improving our methodologies according to the requirements of the students.  

Vision of Tula’s International School is to be synonym of excellence that acts as an inspiration source for the future generation. It wants to relief the parents from the worry of their children studies. Our mission is to promote learning values among the students and increase the self worth within an individual. We transform the young kids of our school into responsible part of the society.

residential school in dehradunTula’s International School ensures that the students grow in a safe and happy environment. We believe in the element of hard work. Our culture of hard work makes success in studies a very expected notion. And the fact is, this is the reality of our school. With the exploration of full potential of the students, we demand efforts by all the students to excel in their respective field of interest. As a school, we understand passion differs among our students. And therefore without being judgemental, we nourish the passion of the students to make sure that they excel whatever they are best at.

It is a matter of pride for is that we are providing ample source of guidance to our students in the both the academic and non-academic field. A child enters Tula’s International School with a dream but leaves with fulfilled dreams. The success of Tula’s International School lies in the success of its students. We teach our students not to settle for anything less than what they deserve. And we teach them well that they deserve the best. With just an approach, the students grow out to be a confident young person. With a good confidence, the child already moves an inch ahead towards their destination and rest can easily be accomplished with their efforts and our guidance.

At Tula’s International School, your children are at safe hands. With professional education, we also give them moral education. The outcome is a highly intelligent person with good moral values.