We modernise ancient Gurukul System and prepare our students for the bright career

game From the beginning of this century and with the passage of time, the technology has begun to rule the world. From the diverse utilities of education, trade, commerce, law, business, etc. the new technologies have made all of them prosperous in their own terms. Talking about the schooling system, in particular, the modernised education poses many advantages to the students. But how far the technologized teaching can go if it is not perfectly blended with the pious ethics and morals of the Gurukul education system? The education system of today is embellished with its deep roots of origin from the ancient schooling system along with the modernised emblem of technological education.

Tula’s International School is an ideal lineage to the ancient Indian education system of Gurukul. The old times bring in the strength to build a strong character with good moral values, ethics, and respect for religions, to help the children become a good person. In addition to it, the proper technological usage and integration help the children in the better understanding of the subjects covered in academics.

yoga in tismusic competition Modernising the legacy of old education system makes the students studded with diamond stars. Reviving the respect for the origin of values inculcated by the Gurus of that time is very important to maintain the same dignity. The Gurus were more than just the educators, they were the fine learned men who would lay the passage to the ultimate path in the most dignified manner. Their teachings are much more than simple lessons. They impart the teachings that are useful for life. The faculties at Tula’s work with the same dedication. They have the zeal to provide every kind of teachings in a very profound way. The classrooms are made so interactive that students take no time to get connected to the core concept of the subject. The educational technology used in lecture theatres and laboratories are updated with the trend.

It becomes so easy for the children to learn the topics with ease. For example, the simple dance classworking of the heart, in the subject of Biology, can be easily depicted using the projector animations over the board. While on one part, the modernity in education system brings better practical understanding, opportunities, and accessibility to every student. On the other part, Tula’s is at par with the discretion, constant improvement of character and creating a friendly and equally disciplined environment with the students. The school focuses on the proliferation of the virtue and teach the kids how to preserve the culture and learnings for the future. Tula’s aids to bring the overall personality development in the children. The students learn to give regards to their Gurus and become a person of high principles and morals.

Tula’s International school sharply defines the cutting edge instruction of the Gurukul framework and the strength of the technological advancements in the education. The built is strong and the principals holding it are beyond the thoughtful imagination, bringing flying colors to the careers of the students and making them a better person.



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