We teach them Earning by Learning

In the today’s world level of violence, wars, immorality and ego is increasing day by day. People are getting selfish and are forgetting their moral ethics and values.  The coming generation are the major victims of this scenario. There is urgent need to combat this situation and create a world where people can live with peace and harmony. As per various leaders and educationists, education is the only tool which can bring morality, respect, and ethics in the life of the people. It’s rightly said by Nelson Mandela, “Education is the powerful weapon we can use to change the world”. There is requirement of such educational institutes which aims to inculcate the moral values in the life of the students. Even parents now days look for such schools for their children where they are taught about being a well human being. Tula’s International School is a temple of learning where students get the true meaning of living and they learn the moral values which help to lead life. Tula’s International School is situated in beautiful city of Dehradun, Uttrakhand which is away from polluted crowd and metro cities.International-Horse-Riding


Tula’s International School aims to merge the modern educational system with the teaching of Gurukal methodology.  They believe that even in the 21st century, students should know about the Gurukul methodology. Gurukul methodology teaches students about the moral values, ethics, common brotherhood, peace, harmony and steps to live life. These habits need to be inculcated in the early age of the child only. The school connects teachers and students in such a way that students treat teachers as their gurus. They remain in close proximity of the teachers, where teachers ensure mental, spiritual, and physical wellness of the students.


To bring moral value of common brotherhood, the school provide education to students irrespective of caste, community, status or background. The school organise celebration events for the festivals of all religion so that students learn to create a peaceful living environment. Tula’s International also ensures that equality among the students. All the students are treated same and this creates close connection among the students.



Tula’s International School believes that it’s very important for the students to understand the rules of living a happy life. They focus on each and every student and create such an environment where students help each other, support each other and live with peace and harmony. Creating such an atmosphere is really tough task in the present world but Tula’s International has been successful in making the same.  This has marked Tula’s International as the best CBSE boarding school of entire Dehradun and Uttarakhand.