Tula’s International, The best international school in India

Multiculturalism- Unity in Diversity

TISIndia is a country that represents the mixture of various cultures and religions. Even after being a multicultural country, India is united by its diversity. Tula’s International school, the Best international school in India, inculcates these values in the students. The students learn to understand and experience other cultures. A global environment is maintained in the school, to encourage the students to respect other cultures as well and grow into global citizens.

The Tula’s International, the best boarding school in Dehradun, firmly believes in the Sanskrit saying Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam”-The world is one family. The students are taught much beyond books and theories. They are taught cultural values and morals, which not only makes them good students but good human beings as well. The Tula’s International promotes multiculturalism through its syllabus for several reasons as cited by the famous Philosopher of Mind and Perception:

  • It provides alternative points of view relative to information already taught in most educational systems.
  • It promotes inclusiveness by providing ethnic minorities with a sense of being considered as playing a role in history, science, etc.
  • It decreases stereotypes, prejudice and racism across the world.

In today’s time when the world peace is threatened  by unwanted elements, and religious and cultural strife is increasing, it becomes the duty of the educational institutes to instil the sense of unity among the children. At Tula’s International, the top boarding school in Uttrakhand, the students learn in an environment where they are taught to stick together and respect each other. They are introduced to various cultures, which imbues in them reverence and tolerance for cultures different from their own.

International school dehradunBeing an International School, the Tula’s International admits students belonging to various cultures speaking different languages. These students interact with each other, gaining something or the other from each other’s culture. Even students from outside the country study here and learn about India’s diverse culture and languages and vice versa. Students also get to learn foreign languages like French and German in school, which helps them in future by opening various opportunities for them. With the increasing globalisation, learning foreign languages can be an asset for students. Students also learn to play and dance to western as well as Indian classical music.