Tula’s International: Mind body soul approach of learning

In past few years, there has been a remarkable shift in the education industry. Now parents and children are looking for such methods of education which would result in overall personality development of the student. Educationist has also realised that traditional method of classroom education cannot prepare the students for global citizenships. Students are now looking for such an approach where educational is full of learning and entertainment. They want their knowledge should be not limited to academic books and their area of exposure should be wide. In such a scenario, a type of educational system where students can relate them with the external environment world is necessary. Educationist call this style of education as “Mind body soul approach of learning”.  Many educational institutes are focusing on this type of educational approach and Tula’s International School is one of its kinds.

1000x350-Website-CoEdTula’s International School (TIS) is ranked among the top CBSE residential school of entire Uttarakhand. The Mind, Body & Soul approach to learning focuses primarily on the realization that the student’s physical well-being greatly affects his academic learning, both in the moment and in the long term. The curriculum at TIS focuses on six main areas of learning, which seeks to address the children’s physical, intellectual, emotional and social development, among others. The experienced faculty of the TIS works hard throughout the year and ensure individual attention towards every student. The faculty creates such an environment in the school premises where students learn the art of living along with the normal academic day structure.

Tula’s International School works in creating promising and successful future of the students. The entire team of the school creates such an atmosphere where students never feel away from the home. The management of the school always adds new learning product in the school curriculum and ensure every student gets a positive direction towards his/her goals. The school has the modern infrastructure which covers all the basic requirements of the students. To add entertainment to their life, various trips and excursion are organised where they are connected with the external environment.

Digital-Workstations-1800x500TIS believes scholars of today will lead our society and will contribute for the welfare of the country. In such a situation, students should have a great command over sense of discipline, self respect, confidence, patience, respect for others and positive attitude towards dynamic situations. These factors are the key component of Mind body soul approach of learning. TIS is well known for its day structure which covers all the segments of student life. These efforts of the entire team of Tula’s has marked it has the one of the top school of entire Uttarakhand.