Teacher’s Day

‘Behind every success story is a persence of¬† a teacher’¬†coming from the land of gurus and gurukkulas, India takes pride in the fact that it was produced so many revered and respected teachers in the world. A special programme was organised in order to celebrate the Teacher’s Day on 5th September 2013.

Mr. Rajeev Singhal, the School Principal , greeted all the teachers on the occasioni. Thereafter, the students from classes IV-VIII presented the wonderful programme.

Ms. Alka Ratan prersenteed her views on Teacher’s Day and also englitened us with the views of Dr. Radhakrishanan .

Ridhima Singhal presented a nice peom ‘Guru’ in hindi and Madhav Tyagi of class VIII delivered a wonderful speech. This was followed by cultural events. The performance of the students lifted everyone’s mood. The teacher were later treated to a lunch by the management.