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teaching-methodsmusic trainingIt is very important to look for a boarding school that not only builds the student academic-wise but also turns them into dynamic personalities. Children staying away from their home, in the absence of their parents, require a right kind of development that can help them to grow up into a strong-willed and a resolute person. The responsibility of a school does not end up in making them proficient only in the academics. The children require guidance even in the non-academics, encapsulating the ethics and morals, building confidence, igniting the sense of positivity and many such values. The quality of temperament one carries is solely dependent on how he/she is raised? What kind of values he/she seek to? And which sort of atmosphere is provided for their growth?

modern schoolTula’s International School is known as the Top CBSE School in Dehradun. The school is affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) and provides co-educational schooling from grade IV to XII. It is set up in the backdrop of the Himalayas, with its foundation originally in Dehradun. The cool breeze that blows all day long and the nights with serene quietness with stars dwindling above the heads rejuvenate the students deeply. Such surroundings open up their minds and accelerate the speed of learning and help in grasping things better. The school is composed of excellent qualities that a boarding school must have mandatorily and maintains discipline in all terms. Tula’s international school is also known as The Modern Gurukul for its features of education are sharply in resemblance with the Gurukul system of Ancient India.

Except the fact that Tula’s, being the school of this modern era, has to come up with the advanced educational technology. It is required for better understanding of the conceptual subjects, or for being up-to-date with its infrastructure in the school. Tula’s school believes in preserving the historic endowments of the old education system. The Gurus or the Mentors are more than just the teachers.

They are their guardians who serve them at all times, whether it is in the terms of scholastic learning or it is about mental, spiritual and emotional guidance. They dedicatedly work to help the boarding-facilitiesmodern gurukulchildren strive hard in the direction of their aspirations and thus, bring laurels to their career as well as their Institute. The school has designed its curriculum keeping in mind that the kids need to outstand in the holistic development of their personality. It includes scholastic as well as co-scholastic subjects. The children are taught to become prominent in everything that is scheduled in their curriculum. Students actively take part in sports, dance, art & craft, clubs & societies envisaged for fulfilling diverse purposes, organizing various trips & excursions every year. The institute has provided facilities for numerous sports viz. Badminton, Football, Billiards, Basketball, Squash, Basketball, Cricket, Lawn tennis, Volleyball, Cycling, Horse riding, Taekwondo, Table tennis, Yoga, Swimming pool.

Tula’s International School- the Best International Boarding school in Dehradun is an ideal educational boarding school as it furnishes the children with a homelike environment in the boarding facilities. They keep up with the hygienic environment and do not lack in the mess facilities, by providing them with nutritious meals appropriate for the kids.

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