How to get to know your Child’s artistic habit?

Children are always one step ahead of adults when it comes to creativity. It is seen and observed that children display immense creativity at a young age owing to the raw imagination they have. However, not all children are artistic, and those who are do not get enough motivation to continue. It is not easy to recognize the painter, writer or the dreamer in your child. But it is not at all difficult if you observe your child’s moods and habits closely. It is known that children who are artistic in nature are often easily distracted or bored by the mainstream things. They often display a high sense of expression and imagination. However, this artistic talent is not readily visible at this age. Schools like Tula’s International, the best boarding school in Dehradun, have specially trained teachers who observe and encourage children with artistic ability. There are different types of clubs to let children explore their creativity. These clubs are not restricted to popular arts like arts and crafts, music and dance, but arts like Cookery, Clay Modelling, photography, and gardening etc are also promoted at Tula’s International, the best residential school in Uttarakhand.

Artistic Children often display the following characteristics, take notice and encourage:

  • Overflows with ideas
  • Plays with ideas and concepts
  • Improvises
  • Enjoys creating
  • Shares bizarre, sometimes conflicting opinions
  • Questions: What if
  • Often works alone.
  • Has a sense of humour
  • Is a story teller
  • Is independent and unconventional.
  • Brainstorms
  • Is intuitive
  • Is idiosyncratic

Best Boarding facilitiesGame in Tula's International SchoolThese children are often distracted from academics and more interested in distinct ideas and concepts. They are not very concerned or motivated by grades. As parents you should try and understand their interest area and encourage them to pursue it. At Tula’s International, the top boarding school in Dehradun has the only Art & Craft workstation of its kind in Uttarakhand. Called ‘Colours’ where students are exposed to different mediums for a wholesome education in the artistic sphere. Students at the best school of Uttrakhand are taught to draw and paint. They indulge in these artistic activities; this helps the parents to see the potential for art in their children. Sometimes, children develop a knack for art at later period of their life; however, some children are clearly into creative activities. It is up to the parents of these children to encourage them to develop this habit through regular practice and exposure to works of other great artists. By letting the children to do what they enjoy doing, you can see their full potential. By ignoring their natural flair for art, and pushing those to instead work on bettering their grades can result in loss of potential overall.

As the famous painter, world known artist Pablo Picasso said, ““Every child is an artist, the problem is staying an artist when you grow up” Therefore Tula’s International, the best residential school in Dehradun, supports and encourages artistic children. However, it is the duty of parents to recognize the artist in their children and support them throughout.