How the Modern Gurukul helps a student to get an organised and disciplined life

gurukul concept in boarding schoolGurukul is a term used for school in ancient India. Even Lord Rama and his brothers had to leave behind their lavish lifestyle go to Gurukul to complete their education. Gurukul in those days consisted of baked-mud huts and living in the forest and studying the art of war and the rich  Indian scriptures. But most importantly it focused on the overall development of the students. The students studied and worked for themselves thus growing more independent and self-sufficient. The Tula’s International school, the best boarding school in Dehradun, works on these principles and is called the modern Gurukul. This means that the focus of the School is to enhance the overall personality of the students and help them lead a more organized and disciplined life. In order to do so, the students are made to follow a strict schedule which includes various other activities other than academics. The Day at Tula’s International, the top residential school in Dehradun starts at 6:30 a.m. sharp.

international boarding schoolThe beginning of the day is made refreshing and energetic with PT for 35 minutes, followed by school assembly organized by the students. The assembly is followed by regular classes. In between these classes, students are given a fruit break. After lunch at 2 p.m. students retire to their room for rest. Students also have their MOD/remedial classes after school where they get extra coaching in subjects they feel they are weak in. Curricular activities and sports play a vital role towards the mental and physical health. Therefore, the students spend their evening enjoying extracurricular activities thus giving rest to their mind and refreshing them. Dinner is served at 7:30 pm. Students then get recreation time of 60 minutes, until it’s lights out at 10:00 pm.


modern school The structure of the day at Tula’s International School is specially designed to cover all aspects of growth and development. Following the age-old tradition of Gurukul, Tula’s International school, the best boarding school in Dehradun, justifies itself as the modern gurukul. Tula’s is the Gurukul of today’s time where activities like debate, art, and craft, participation in clubs and sports are equally important. Following a strict schedule with diction and dedication instill the values of time management and discipline in the students since a very young age. The students learn to live on their own and fulfill their needs away from home without any constant help. They become more independent and capable of relying on themselves for whatever they need. As no time is wasted in traveling, this time can be utilized in more effective ways.


indian,s gurukulIn Tula’s International, the best residential school in Uttrakhand, here are fixed hours to study, play, eat and watch tv, which fulfills all the needs without compromising on others. In today’s time, children are addicted to mobiles and television so much that they lag behind in other spheres of life. But this is not a problem in boarding schools as the students are safely away from gadgets that can be addictive and harmful. By living a properly organized and disciplined life the students grow up to be hardworking and reliable members of the society.