Healthy routine, Healthy mind results successful future.

Gone are the days, when academic grades were the only parameter in designing a successful future. The time has changed and now the success rate is determined by various factors which include sports, co-curricular activities, leadership skill, team building and many more.  Parents are now more concerned about the overall personality development of their wards. With the increase in the competition in all fields, students must learn to excel in all fields of life. They must be prepared to face to the global challenges and take the global responsibilities and citizenships.  Involvement of students in the variety of activities has become important to beat the competition.  Education institutes are giving special attention towards building such young talents who can contribute for the welfare of the society.

activitiesfaircallout-copyMost of the schools have designed there day structure in such a way which covers the active participation of students in different fields. For instance, the day structure at Dehradun’s top school “Tula International School” displays the perfect merger of academic as well as co-curricular activities. Various sports activities such as swimming, cricket, basketball, horse riding, chess, table tennis and others are part of daily routine of the students. To make the life of the students interesting various clubs and societies are established where students show their hidden talent. This all together form a healthy routine in the life of the students which help him to create a successful empire. Healthy routine bring a sense of discipline, patience, responsibility, self-esteem and positivity in the life of the students.

In structuring such a kind of talent in the students, health plays a very important role. It’s rightly said that “Sound mind lives in a sound body”. Now days, schools ensure the physical and mental fitness of the students to great extent. The schools aim to develop such an environment in the campus which suits best for the students.  The library at Tula’s International School is full of various books, magazines, newspaper which helps students to get in-depth knowledge about the concepts of their interest. Further, the school has designed green garden outside the library which makes students feel refresh and relax. This creates such an atmosphere where students love to read the books. These features maintain a good health graph of the students and they show their energetic presence in all the activities.

big-article-pic06Schools now are putting great efforts in framing a successful life of the students. In this path, Tula’ International School of Dehradun has taken a great lead. The school is ranked among the top CBSE school of Uttarakhand. The school offers fully residential co-educational programme in its curriculum. The campus is designed in such a way which ensures sound health of the students. The hostel serves the hygienic food prepared by the professional chefs. The school has greenery around the campus boundaries which serves as a medium of providing freshness to the students. Experienced faculties of Tula’s have marked it as the best CBSE School of entire Uttarakhand. All these features have made Tula’s as the first choice school for the students and parents.