“Guru” is more than a teacher

Blog-1Guru plays an important role in one’s life. They are the one who connect us with the real meaning of the life. The rules of discipline, self respect, patience, humanity and honesty are embedded by the teaching of Guru. They transform the life of their disciple and make them a better human being.  In today’s world, getting a true Guru is very difficult.  In modern world, the meaning of guru and discipline is losing its importance. Educational institutions are not paying attention towards the same. However, Tula’s International School is one such school which has kept the concept of Gurukul Methodology alive in its students. The school is situated in the beautiful city of Dehradun, Uttarakhand and is ranked among the top residential boarding school of the Dehradun.
TIS believe that schooling should not only ensure the good grades but also the overall development of a child into a good human being. Tula’s International focus on some key areas which are the major part of Gurukul education system and these are Discipline, Creativity, Right attitude, Empathy, and strong moral values. The school provides co-ed academic programme to the students without differentiating them on the basis of their caste or religion.  The school aims to create the ancient guru-disciple relationship between student and teacher.  The teachers in the Tula’s International are regarded as Gurus who put all their efforts in giving a shape to the future of the student.
Ansh with Sangeeta MamThe experienced faculty of the TIS provides friendly and homely environment to the students where they never feel away from home. The teachers organise evening talk session with the students and as gurus they give them real life teachings and share experiences. The teachers support them in their academic journey and motivate them to be active in participating in all fields of life. As a Guru, they prepare them to face challenges of life and in-built the leadership qualities in their veins.  Various clubs and societies are set up by the school in which social activities are conducted under the leadership of gurus. Students in TIS learn not only about the academics grades but also about the rules of running a successful life.
Tula’s International School has taken a remarkable step of initiating Gurukul teaching in its students.  The concept of Modern Gurukul in the campus covers all fields of life and result in the creation of humanity in the students.  This also creates an environment where students can learn various mysteries of life by the gurus.  The School is putting great efforts in creating young minds with ethics and humanity in them