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principals-Tulasinternational“It’s exhilarating to see the number goes up, Tula’s International School reports, I know that when my visitors counts it down, I need to get moving on making another great post.
Students at Tula’s International School, Dehradun, Uttarakhand have various options opened in front of them as the school offers 21+ sports which are been played and coached in the school. Modern United Nation’s regular workshops, Inter house Debate competition, G.K quiz and Olympiads. With the help of the Blog I am honored to bring in the knowledge of Parents that our students brought laurels to the school by winning Medals in National level events prominently. Taekwondo, where one of our students, “Mohit Rajput” won Gold Medal at Nationals, qualifying for Internationals in Korea.

My Goal is twofold: to keep students and parents updated on things going on in the school and to use my blog as a springboard to talk about Tula’s Motto “Modern Gurukul” as it symbolizes ancient Gurukul where teachers imparted education to the students in their respective work station.
Being a Principal of Tula’s International School I take the honour to tell the vision of the school to Parents which is all-round development of each and every student by emphasizing special effort to nurture extra ordinary talent of students.
The importance of teacher can never be replaced in a classroom but to enhance his skills and expertise we have installed Smart Classes to provide students with latest information through audio visual aids.

I add Music to the blog. I try to make it something pertinent to kids and Parents. Tula’s International School develops the concept of ‘LEARNING BY DOING’ in students. Provision of application and conceptual knowledge is involved in the academics of Tula’s International School.

‘I have posted advice on studying, sleep and ways to help students to do better in school, “I like to state , ‘A healthy mind resides in a healthy body, students of Tula’s International School are not burdened with studies only they are given ample opportunities in the field of Pottery, Art & Craft, Dance, Music (Indian & Western) & Yoga.principal Desk



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