What are the major differences between boarding schools and private schools?


Education is the only weapon to survive in the today’s world of competition. In order to ensure the bright future of a child; parents should choose the school wisely.  In early 90’s, the selections of schools were based on the parameter of near locations and academic results. In 21st century, there is demand of people who poses academic knowledge along with the strong grip over extra co curricular activities. Now, parents feel that normal eight hours education at home school cannot result in life transformation of their child. Tula’s International School, Dehradun is the best example of a boarding school. The school is well known in entire Uttarakhand for its residential education which aims to give the life changing experience to its students throughout the schooling.

Parents must look into certain parameters while choosing between home and a boarding school. Few factors where home and boarding school differ are given below:

  • Day Structure

Day structure of home schools is designed to ensure the completion of academic course. On other hand, boarding schools have set time for academic and co curricular activities for the students.  Day structure at Tula’s has 3 segments namely; classroom studies till afternoon, tutorials session till 4 pm and participation in co curricular activities till evening.
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  • Self Independent and discipline

Education away from home results in great level of self in-dependency and discipline. This on later stage results in posing leadership qualities which is utmost requirement of today’s world. Education under the shelter of parents’ makes child more dependent on them. The entire team of Tula’s ensures that student must learn the need of discipline in life. They ensure proper care of every student along with making them self independent.

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It’s been noticed that students of home schools are only good in academics but education is not limited to academics only. Boarding schools concentrate on transforming the life of students. Tula’s International school has variety of clubs and society where different activities are conducted on regular basis. Bookworm club, Potter’s wheel club, Circuit, Khana Khazana, photography clubs are few clubs where students showcase their talents.

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  • Physical Fitness

Sound mind lives in a sound body. Home schools have no time to conduct sports activities for the students and evening of such students are occupied by tuitions which results in no physical activity. Boarding schools give special attention towards physical fitness of the students. Tula’s International School has facilities for both indoor and outdoor sports such as squash, horse riding, cricket, swimming, basketball ball, volley ball, football and various other sports


  • Global Environment

Students in home schools are children from the nearby locations only. They don’t get exposure to meet the students from different part of the country and world. Boarding schools have students from different part of the globe. Also, to ensure the global environment boarding schools have concept of teaching foreign languages. TIS offer German, Spanish and French to students. This prepares them to take the global responsibilities and citizenships in future.

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Boarding schools have taken a great lead over home schools in past few years. In today’s era of competition selecting a boarding school over a home school will result in a great decision in securing the future of a child.