Boarding school shapes your child’s future!!

In 21st Century education is the major ingredient in growth and development of an individual. Today, the students in schools are competing not on national but on international level. Parents have realised that only academic studies in school is not enough to survive the competition. To manage the proper balance of both, eight hours schooling is not sufficient. Alternatively, boarding schools are point of attraction where students get the merger of knowledge and skills. In boarding schools the day structure is designed in such a way where a student can take active participation in various activities.veg food in boarding school uttarakhand

Parents believe that boarding schools makes student independent, discipline and responsible, which is not possible in the home environment.  On the other hand, boarding schools have also proved their proper attention towards framing the bright future of the students by the way of their routine, discipline and punctuality. Tula’s International School in Dehradun1 is one such boarding school whose objective is to make every student as leader who can face any competition at any level.

Tula’s International School is listed among the top CBSE boarding school of Dehradun, Uttarakhand. The campus is situated in the beautiful city of Dehradun which is full of natural beauty and is far away from polluted crowd. The school is well known for its day structure which makes student’s learn self-discipline, respect for their peers and self-reliance in early age. From morning to evening students are made involved in one or other activity where they learn something new every time. The routine of school ensures the active participation of students from classroom to sports to societies and to other activities. TIS prepare its students to take the global citizenships and responsibilities.

6To make its roots stronger, school offers German, Spanish and French to students. A student at a foreign language class is exposed to a whole new language structure which makes him/her more conscious of vocabulary, grammar, conjugation, idioms, sentence construction, comprehension and conversing.

TIS ensure to maintain a balance between the mental and physical fitness of the students. TIS have two squash courts which have been approved by the World Squash Federation. These have optimum lighting and ventilation. Horse riding one of the interesting sports which is available for the students.


horse ridingThe school has a paddock which can hold up to 10 horses. A team of expert professional trains the students about dressage, show jumping and event. Apart from it, other outdoor sports such as swimming, cricket, football and taekwondo are available to give variety to the students.

The school has four houses namely Olympian House, Spartan House, Trojan House, and Titan House. The objective of these houses is to turn the student into people of character and integrity. These houses take part in variety of extracurricular and co-curricular activities. They also act as brand ambassadors of the TIS, wherever they represent their school. Such kinds of activities remove the hesitation, shy and fear from the mind of students which is very important to face the global challenges. The experienced team of TIS test the student at every level and ensure the proper discipline in the students.

girls boarding school in uttarakhandIn boarding schools the time is utilised over academic and skills activities. To ensure bright and successful future of a child it’s very important to test him/her on different levels which are apart from academics. Boarding schools inculcate the habit of discipline, independency and self reliance in the students and make them confidence enough to face the global challenges. The curriculum of Tula’s International includes all such activities through which student can achieve great heights in life. The entire team of TIS puts all its efforts in giving a promising and successful life to each and every student.