Boarding brings your child a bundle of experiences

Students of Tula's International
Residential School in Dehradun

Albert Einstein has rightly said, “The only source of knowledge is experiences”. Knowledge is something which is not restricted to classroom teachings only. From our daily routine to way we handle situations; all covers under knowledge. To become brighter in life, we need to have experiences no matter whether it’s good or bad experience. Good experiences give us strength and bad one teaches us the lessons. So we can say that, knowledge is connected with experiences and experiences with exposure. Education is said to be the best suited platform to get exposure of different spices of life.  Boarding education has added a new level of exposure for the students which lead to lifelong experiences. This connection of knowledge, experience and exposure can be perfectly seen in Tula’s International School of Dehradun, Uttarakhand.

Students of Tula's International Top Boarding School in India have gone for industrial visit.
Best Boarding School in Dehradun

Tula’s International School is ranked among the top co-educational boarding school of Uttarakhand. The school has been awarded as no. 1 in infrastructure provision and top co-educational school in Uttarakhand by Education Today. In the 21st century, Tula’s International has been successful in providing gurukul teaching to the students where they learn the basics of living life. This experience is not at all possible in present culture but still Tula’s International has made it for its students. Students in this top boarding school get the experience of learning under the roof of latest technology. Tula’s International has replaced the traditional classroom with the digital workshops which covers the teaching through videos, animations and charts. The digital library of the school provides exposure to the world of knowledge where students can get all the study material of the topic of their choices.

Life at Tula’s International is not limited to the academic world. Recently, school organised its annual sports day on 26th of October, 2016 where different sports activities were conducted. Various seminars and workshops are conducted to bring advance understanding for the students. Mr. Girish Ballolla CEO of Gen Next Education gave a career counselling session to the students.  University of Wyoming, Delaware and Rutgers were also present in this session. Students got an experience of upcoming opportunities available to them.  To connect students with the external environment, management of this top international school organised an industrial visit to Patanjali Food and Herbal Plant, Haridwar on 15th October, 2016. Students got to know about actual working of management of a company and how manufacturing takes place. Also activities like Scout and Guide are organised by the school where students undertake various challenging tasks.

Sports Day celebration at Tula's International Boarding Schools in Dehradun
Boarding Schools in India

Tula’s International is such a place where one gets unlimited knowledge and experiences of life. This best boarding school of Uttarakhand covers all corners of life of students. The highly experienced faculty of the school makes sure each and every student get involved in all activities of the school. Tula’s International is truly bringing bundle of experiences for a child.