“A parent’s love is whole no matter what no matter how many times divided.”

No love is greater than that of parents. When it comes to evolving as a person, nothing provides a steeper learning curve than parenting does. Much of this is due to the attachment parents feel for our children. The love that parents hold for their child is a unique kind of love. And when it comes to opting for the Best Boarding school for your child, the standard can never be compromised.

International School AwardA Boarding school is a place where a child gets everything in one neat package: the academics, fitness, a social life and wardship, just like a parent does. Finding that perfect school which exercises the brain abilities by challenging it and stimulates extracurricular activities alongside requires a careful and a thorough research.

Boarding school such as that of Tula’s International school, also known as The Modern Gurukul gives academic edification and imparts moral values to students as well, and cultivates an ability to think outside the box. For students, staying away from parents is definitely a big deal. It is a parent who does the best job in fostering ethics, values, morals and correct attitude in its child. So a Boarding school has to give shoulder to all the responsibilities required to impart life skills, character building skills, recreation, disciplined environment, etc. because it is definitely a home away from home.

Sports in Tulas international SchoolThe school provides a form of education where wings are given to young and tender minds of children by laying out a nurturing environment that can develop among them a true spirit of companionship, leadership, making them understand the true value of esprit de corps and give a strong foundation to personality that cannot be disrupted by the esprit with which the world is built today. Now, here are some of the key practices that can help you to think and embrace why Tula’s, one of the Best Boarding schools in Dehradun will help your child in thinking out of the box:


India has been brought up best by following the footsteps of the ancient learning centres, Gurukuls. It was dedicated to the all round human
development. Clubbing together features of modern infrastructure of education with our ancient Gurukul Methodology, Tula’s is ONE place where students can easily reach out to their wise gurus to obtain academic knowledge as well as spiritual counsel.


Tula’s is the only CBSE School in North India which has the excellent educational facilities that includes technically sound workstations.
Each subject has its own workstation for students. Digitizing textbooks fosters 3D education and makes learning fun. All the workstations have a
state-of-the-art projection system, interactive whiteboards and a quality sound system with subject-specific learning material. The content repository consists of thousands of highly animated, lesson-specific, 2D and 3D multimedia modules built with an instructor-led design that allows the teacher to effectively teach the lesson in a classroom of a diverse set of learners. Educational videos from National Geographic and Discovery Channel are also available to the teachers for use at the workstations.


Tula’s international School is a fully residential school with best in-class infrastructure, comfort and A-grade amenities, all come together in one pack.


A child needs specific atmosphere to grow out beautifully.
To nourish his/her mind and soul outside the box, well balanced schedule is very necessary. A disciplined time-table is a must. The school strives to turn a student into an all-rounder, be it sports, extra-curricular, personality development or academics. Speaking about the sporting facilities, they are second to none. Tula’s covers development of all sorts of sports. It can include team games or single-person sports, such as tennis, horse riding, or golf.


Tula’s aims to make children simply realize their potential to the utmost level. It strengthens the roots and makes them aware of the
presence of delimiters of our cultural, social and moral obligations towards themselves, others and the nation at large.


At this modern Gurukul School in Dehradun, we ensure equality, where none considers him/her above or beneath any individual, fraternity, where everyone works together with mutual understanding and are befriend with each other and strive to make everyone a better human being. At Tula’s School, students are encouraged to discover their own talents, and to develop them to the fullest. As one of the best schools in Dehradun, the school tailors the needs of both, the parents and the children as well. It offers a holistic approach in the education system. At the end, children have to keep in mind that

“Eliminate anyone who tries to stop you from thinking outside
the box.”