7 Little Changes That’ll Make a Big Difference With Your international boarding school

Choosing a School for children can be a very difficult task for parents. International Boarding schools can be the solution to parents’ worries. These schools follow International curriculum and also act as a home to the children.Here are 7 changes that’ll make a big change in your child’s life with International boarding school

  • Personality Development

Most international schools celebrate differences in culture and personality. Often, this appreciation for difference fosters an emotional maturity in children. Also, living in a boarding school, makes a child more responsible and independent from young age.Boarding schools like Tula’s International also known as the modern Gurukul follow the ancient art of schooling where the overall development of the child’s personality is kept in focus.


  • Multi-cultural environment

As these schools follow an International curriculum, students are exposed to various cultures.. Schools like Tula’s International make students learn about our cultures, which makes them more tolerant as a global citizen.

  • Advanced Study Techniques

These schools have advanced study environment and follow the latest techniques to keep the students ahead of the rest. These schools have well-equipped labs and libraries to foster deeper subject related knowledge in students.

  • Individual Attention to students

The best advantage of these schools is that each and every student gets individual attention. Students in days schools often suffer due to lack of attention from teacher. Whereas, teachers in boarding schools are most likely to know all students personally, and care for them as parents.

  • More utilization of time

Most of the time of students in day schools is wasted in travelling. However, in boarding schools students get more time to study and extracurricular activities. Schools like  Tula’s International boarding school, also provide remedial classes to students to provide extra coaching in subjects they feel they are weak in.

  • Overall development of students

When children live in boarding schools, they learn to live on their own and balance their time accordingly. They become more responsible and disciplined, and grow up as well educated and disciplined individuals.

  • More Participation in Extracurricular Activities

International schools often include extracurricular activities within their curriculum. These activities can help children find and develop new skills. For instance, students can participate in debate teams, math leagues, sports, etc

Therefore, a boarding school like Tula’s International can change the life your child and help them grow into a independent and intelligent global citizen.